Welcome to the Temporary Store (the other one is undergoing some revamping)                        

The school may have closed up in 92, but the spirit of the place lives on. There are fixtures of the place that are as tangible in the ephemeral world of nostalgia as they were when we were living through it. The Mustang, the Elephant, those wooden locker doors with the holes in them, Ms. Hanson's thermos. All as permanant as if the school were still there today.

But it isn't there. There is no MAHS, there is no HQ, there isn't even a place we can call home. The only thing holding the community together are a series of loose-knit communities, usually divided by 5-year span, scattered about the internet...and it's a good thing they're there too. Without them, there's a chance most of us would have drifted off...forgetting, or lamenting, our high school roots.

But not us. Ok, we've got no school, but we've got steins!  We've got coins! And we've got more stuff coming. Some really cool stuff you'd never imagine. So if you were part of the Munich American High School experience or even the overseas school experience, there's stuff here you may really enjoy. Have a look.